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White Collar Crime - 1488 Words

Welcome to the age of white collar crime. A time when the words thieves and businessmen go hand in hand. White collar criminals dont get their hands dirty in their work. They use their heads to get what they want instead of using a little muscle. These criminals are just as dangerous as the rapists and murderers. In these times, even the most seemingly respectable people are suspected of white collar crimes. President Clinton and the first lady Hillary Clinton have been tangled up in the Whitewater and Travelgate business ventures. Although the two have not been formally charged with any wrongdoing, there is a committee currently investigating their dealings and charges are not out of the question for either of them. In Michael Isikoffs†¦show more content†¦These people have more opportunities to commit a white collar crime than a person with little authority. Peter Michelmore, a journalist for Readers Digest describes this situation well in his article, On the Trail of a Sc am He describes a savings and loan scam and the man behind it all. Meyer learned that New Era was run by John G. Bennet, Jr., a 57 year old evangelical Christian. (112) New Era was a getting money from a private university, in which he promised huge returns on their investment. New Era did show them huge profits, but only to gain their trust and invest more money. The private university was gaining trust in New Era and investing more money. Finally, when They had invested a large sum of money, New Era collapsed and John Bennet walked away with the universitys money. Mr. Bennet is a prime example of our findings. He is a man over the age of eighteen and he is in a position of power. People have entrusted him with their money. To commit his crime, he needed to be in a position where he was trusted, or in authority. After he won their trust, he took their money. White collar crimes are growing at an alarming rate and must be curbed. There are many things that the nation can do to slow the growth of these crimes. The white collar crime that affects the most people is the scam. For that reason, scam prevention will be emphasized more than embezzlement. I feel that the most effective weapon against these crimes is toShow MoreRelatedThe And White Collar Crime897 Words   |  4 Pages1. Literature Review Crimes have been occurring in our society for many years and recently the occurrence of non-violent crimes has increased dramatically. Traditional and white collar crimes have two traits in common, an objective and a modus operandi, but the major difference is that a white collar criminal has a plan and also the ability, knowledge and technology to execute it (Nevis, 2012). White-collar crimes can occur at any occupational level and affects all parts of society, from big businessesRead MoreWhite Collar Crimes And Street Crimes1431 Words   |  6 PagesCrimes are one of the many things that all humans have in common. Whether it be a serious crime or not, everyone can commit a crime and go to jail for it. There are two types of crime that can be considered complete opposites of each other. They are white collar crimes and street crimes. White collar crimes are considered nonviolent crimes committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his/her occupation such as fraud, embezzlement, or bribery. On the other hand,Read MoreBlack Collar Crimes And White Collar Crime1956 Words   |  8 Pagesexplaining what white collar crime in its introduction. The paper will then explain the distinct types of white collar crimes, after that different case study’s will be presented from the book to give examples of the diverse types of white collar crimes. After that the paper will talk about the diverse ways to combat white collar crimes while also going over the challenges law enforcement face when fighting white collar crime. Finally, the author will give his conclusion on white collar crime. Read MoreWhite Collar Crimes And Street Crimes1083 Words   |  5 PagesWhite-collar crimes are just as prevalent today as ordinary street crimes. Studies show that criminal acts committed by white-collar criminals continue to increase due to unforeseen opportunities presented in the corporate world, but these crimes are often overlooked or minimally publicized in reference to criminal acts on the street. Many street crimes are viewed as unnecessary, horrendous crimes because they are committed by lower class citizens, whereas white collar crimes are illegal acts committedRead MoreWhite Collar Crime2498 Words   |  10 Pagesdefinition of white collar and white collar crime * Various types of white collar crime B. Thesis statement: There are 3 causes of white collar and 5 way to combat with white collar crime. II. The cause of white collar crime is opportunities to commit crime. A. The loophole of the law and security B. An individual well known the operation of a company, the chances to commit fraud is higher. III. Second causes of white collar crime are workersRead MoreWhite Collar Crime And Corporate Crime1158 Words   |  5 PagesWhite-Collar Crime consists of occupational crime and corporate crime. Occupational crime refers to offences committed against legitimate institutions businesses or government by those with respectable social status. It includes the embezzlement of corporate funds, tax evasion, computer crime and expense-account fraud. It is not every day that we hear about white-collar crimes but these non-violent crimes are on the rise to the top. Federal Bureau of Investigation states that USA, for example recordedRead MorePunishment For White Collar Crimes Essay1533 Words   |  7 Pagesdoors† (Smith and Howat 109). White-collar crimes are explained in â€Å"White-collar crime† as, price fixing, false advertisement, and wiring and tampering with accounts belonging to anyone other than, in this case, the criminal (Levenson). With the advancements in techno logy and increase in satellite towers breaching financial accounts or even obtaining financial information has become effortless. Criminals commit the crime to improve their social status. These crimes do not include physically harmedRead MoreBlack Collar Crime : White Collar1828 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction: Sometimes known as the ‘victimless’ crime, White Collar Crime includes crimes such as fraud, embezzlement and, more often than not, results in the criminal profiting money-wise which is one of the biggest lures into White Collar Crime (WCC). WCC, has become more and more easier and accessible as businesses move closer towards technology and further away from paper documents which makes it easier to commit WCC as, if you knew what you were doing, you could cover your tracks easier thanRead MoreThe Age Of White Collar Crime1463 Words   |  6 PagesWelcome to the age of white collar crime. A time when the words thieves and businessmen go hand in hand. White collar criminals don’t get their hands dirty in their work. They use their heads to get what they want instead of using a little muscle. These criminals are just as dangerous as the rapists and murderers. In these times, even the most seemingly respectable people are suspected of white collar crimes. President Clinton and the first lady Hillary Clinton have been tangled up in the WhitewaterRead MoreThe White Collar Crime And Economic Crimes2126 Words   |  9 PagesIn India, the Law Commission in its 29th Report pointed out more or less the same factors as responsible for the rise of economic crimes, particularly, the white collar crimes. It observed, â€Å"The advance of technological and scientific development is contributing to the emergence of mass society, with a large rank and file and small controlling elite, encouraging the growth of monopolies, the rise of managerial class and intricate institutional mechanisms. Strict adherence to a high standard of ethical

Essay about Profit Comes from Innovation - 695 Words

For organizations to continue to be profitable they need to be innovative by increasing products and services that are available to the public. This includes creating new products and services as well as updating the products and services that are currently being offered. The healthcare sector is not an exception to this rule. They need to continually find ways to accommodate more consumers, increase profits, and reduce costs. This is done by an innovative process that begins with the three phases of the managed front end and the five phases of new product development (NPD) (Product Innovation Educators, 2012). Each of the phases is then followed by a gate meeting to decide if the project should continue (Product Innovation Educators,†¦show more content†¦Once all of this information is determined the project team will present their information to gate team members to determine if the project should continue on to the next phase, stay on the current phase, or be discontinued . Gate Meeting Checklist Idea: Date: Item: Comments/Notes: Score: 1 to 5 Fit to the mission of Centura Health? Fit to the vision statement of Centura Health? Concept Statement Protocol Statement SWAT analysis Project requirement documentation VOC research and concept test results Project plan Detailed business plan Marketing plan Program/Road map Risk analysis Regulatory agency plans Recommendation by project team Other Total Score Decision: Go, kill, park, send back for more information, refer Process Manager The process manager is an expert whose role is to improve the processes of the NPD practice (Jurgens-Kowal, 2010). Also, they are meant to train the NPD team on evaluation methods and guidelines (Jurgens-Kowal, 2010). According to Jones (2014) there are five important roles for the process manager, they need to be an expert with the NPD process, an educator, a scorekeeper, a facilitator, and an interpreter. According to Forbes (2012) the process managers are a senior management team member that understands the operation requirements of the business and corporate strategy. They need to be committed to process improvement and management ideas (Forbes, 2012). The mostShow MoreRelatedThe National System Of Innovation1462 Words   |  6 Pagessystems of innovation has been a helpful tool used by all countries. Innovation by itself has proven to be successful in modern day business with increasing profit margins but also in organisations and the world. University’s governments and companies all work together in building new innovative products and service that can benefit everyone as a whole. The National innovation system is a success as it allows you to see where innovations are thriving and where they are lacking. National Innovation systemsRead MoreApplying Diffusion of Innovations986 Words   |  4 PagesAPPLYING DIFFUSION OF INNOVATIONS THEORY Applying Diffusion of Innovations Theory Introduction: Diffusion theory of innovation Diffusion of Innovations is to explain how innovations are taken up in a population. An innovation is an idea, people or organizational behaviour, or objective that is perceived as new by its audience. Tidd et al (2000) states, â€Å"the innovation is a business process of revolving opportunity into new ideas and of putting these into widely used practice. In term of theRead MoreEssay on Muzz Buzz Business Investigation1366 Words   |  6 Pagesdrinks to select from it makes it simple to come to Muzz Buzz because it is all there! It is known for its coffee that is served quick, conveniently and is also satisfying! Muzz Buzz is unique with its different cup sizes available for different drink selections! For coffees and other hot drinks you can choose from a Short, Tall, Grande or a Really Big One! For the frappes, fruity blastz and other refreshing drinks you can choose from a tall and Grande size. The famous buzz balls also come in all of theRead MoreMicrofinance And Small Scale Business1458 Words   |  6 Pages as it can be seen with most banks. What kind of innovation is microfinance today? Microfinance was started as a Social Innovation by a Bangladeshi social entrepreneur named Muhammad Yunus. His intentions were to overcome poverty by lending credit to poverty prone people so that they could become more self-reliant and self-sufficient which would benefit the society. The main target audience was the villages who do not have access to credit from banks with an idea to redistribute wealth. This becameRead MoreQht1 Task3 Essay example795 Words   |  4 PagesThere are many entrepreneurs who come together as an organization and build an entrepreneurial culture to seek opportunities for innovations. An entrepreneurial culture is an environment where entrepreneurs are inspired to create new innovations. Innovation is basically to have a new idea, to change something from the old and make it new. The way people interact with one another and recognize their environment is all a part of a culture. In a business industry setting, entrepreneurial cultures areRead MoreCustomer Satisfaction Survey And Employee Turnover1299 Words   |  6 PagesPutting the Service-Profit Chain to Work The purpose of this article was to analyze the service-profit chain and to discuss the service-profit chain audit. The article mainly used customer satisfaction surveys and employee turnover rates to develop the data. According to the article, the service-profit chain establishes relationships between profitability, customer loyalty, and employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity. The links in the chain are as follows: Profit and growth are stimulatedRead More3m Strategy: Business and Corporate Values875 Words   |  4 Pagesa) 15% rule – At 3M, innovation is a must. It is a compulsory strategy. There are certain scenarios where they have had to choose between innovation and profit. Profits and innovation both are important because profits are required so that the organisation can grow and sustain whereas innovation can lead to a product which can create history. So instead of devoting complete time to profit and zero innovation or instead of giving them complete freedom and sacrifice on profit, they created 15% ruleRead MoreSimilarities Between a Global Leader and an Effective Innovator950 Words   |  4 Pageslimited amount of time and with as little impediments as possible. It i s only safe to say that innovation is a team sport and that a global leader thus needs to focus on this concept in order to be able to assist his subordinates in meeting deadlines. In most cases global leaders feel that it is not up to them to come up with innovative solutions. Rather, they feel responsible for facilitating the innovation process. (Dyer, Gregersen, Christensen) Even with the fact that being an entrepreneur inRead MoreHup Seng835 Words   |  4 PagesIndustries Bhd. * From the perspective of turnover of the company is stable during year 2006-2007 shows that the product produces by the company is sold very quickly in the 5 years operation. It also shows that company is efficient in selling their products. * Profit after tax means the net profit receive by the company is surprisingly increase from year 2006-2009 but then have slightly decrease. The increase of net profit showed that company have expand their product from time to time accordingRead MoreEssay on Blue Ocean Strategy- A Marketing Book1053 Words   |  5 PagesBLUE OCEAN STRATEGY â€Æ' Blue Ocean Strategy Introduction Blue ocean strategy is a marketing book by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne in the year 2005. The book mostly borrows from a range of over 140 strategic marketing moves within a period of over a century. The book succeeds in showing how businesses, can outdo their competitors. Not because of battling them, rather, because of what the authors refer to as blue oceans, which consists of uncontested market space. Body The book gives a detailed

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Glass Ceiling Effect - 2675 Words

INTRODUCTION: GLASS CEILING EFFECT In Economics, the term glass ceiling refers to situations where the advancement of a qualified person within the hierarchy of an organization is stopped at a lower level because of some form of discrimination, most commonly sexism or racism. An unofficial barrier to opportunities within an organization or company which is perceived to prevent protected classes of workers, particularly women from advancing to higher positions. According to the Federal Class Ceiling Commission, the concept Glass Ceiling refers to â€Å"artificial barriers to the advancement of women and minorities.† The glass ceiling is the â€Å"unseen, yet unbreakable barrier that keeps minorities and women from rising to the upper rungs of the†¦show more content†¦The results are calculated for each sector and are then compared to analyze the degree of ceiling effect in each sector. DATA ANALYSIS The answers are measured on a 5 point Likert scale from questions 1-7 and Yes or No format for questions 8 -10. Responses are recorded and interpreted according to the scoring key and norms. The results are then displayed in the form of a pie chart comparing each sector. ANALYSIS OF RESULTS Question 1: What percent of executive positions in your organization are occupied by women approximately? BANK | IT | | | Interpretation: As per the results it can be seen that the approximate percentage of women employed in the banking sector and IT sector comes within the bracket of 15%-40% the same being confirmed in the pie chart thereby showing that the percentage of women employed in both the sectors are not more than 40%. Question 2 (I): Women and men are respected equally in organization. BANK | IT | | | Interpretation: As per the results 46% of the women in the IT sector and 10 % in the banking sector disagree that men and women are treated equally the same being seen and confirmed in the pie charts. Question 2(II): Sufficient opportunities exist in my organization for women to advance into senior management positions. BANK | IT | | | Interpretation: As per the results 43% of the women in the IT sector and 12% in the banking sector disagree thatShow MoreRelatedEffects Of Glass Ceiling On The Workplace978 Words   |  4 Pagesimpartial. However, there still exist several impediments for few individuals. The glass ceiling is a subtle framework that most organizations and employers have utilized in legally discriminating particular groups of people. Although this action is not apparently several women and also minorities have encountered challenges in advancing to higher positions in their careers due to the concept of the glass ceiling (Horn, and Schaffner, 2003). Also, several historical customs have continued to hinderRead MoreThe Glass Ceiling Effect On Women1385 Words   |  6 Pagesthe implications of the â€Å"glass ceiling†? A glass ceiling effect is a political term used to portray the inconspicuous, yet unbreakable boundary that keeps minorities and ladies from ascending to the upper rungs of the professional pecking order, paying little respect to their capabilities or accomplishments. The expression glass ceiling was instituted in a 1986 Wall Street Journal give an account of corporate ladies by Hymowitz and Schellhardt (The Glass Ceiling effect) . At first, the analogyRead MoreGlass Ceiling and the Effects on Women3053 Words   |  13 Pagesissues that stem from the â€Å"glass ceilings† that still exist today in Corporate America. The term â€Å"glass ceiling† refers to situations where the advancement of a qualified person within the hierarchy of an organization is stopped at a lower level because of some form of discrimination. The metaphor can be simply defined as â€Å"an invisible or transparent barrier that keeps an individual from rising above a certain level in corporations†. Although the idea of a glass ceiling is widespread, there has beenRead MoreThe Glass Ceiling Effect: Women’s Career Advancement in Puerto Rico4525 Words   |  19 PagesThe Glass Ceiling Effect: Women’s Career Advancement in Puerto Rico à ngela Ramos Pà ©rez May 7, 2008 2 Index Chapter One .....................................................................................................................................3 Introduction..................................................................................................................................3 Purpose for the Study.......................................................................Read MoreWomens Glass Ceiling Essay1703 Words   |  7 Pageslistening to her customers’ requests. Since 1984, sales have grown from $3 million to over $700 million (Ivanevich, 2002). Today more women are joining the workforce in spite of typical issues finding good child care and invisible barriers such as â€Å"Glass Ceiling† which leave women with no realistic possibility for advancement. Women are taking many important roles in society as mothers, students, and why not as leaders. Women often experience a barrier for advancement between her –a woman- and a top inRead MoreTable 3 : Item Total Statistics1275 Words   |  6 Pagesare found to be more than 0.50 and though the sample is 87, there is considerable deviation in the feelings of mid-level women managers in these financial services organizations. Conclusion The mid-level women managers are feeling that there is glass ceiling in their organisations. Though they have more than required years of experience, they are still working in the same levels in the organisation without any further elevation. But, women are not thinking that they have to be more accomplished inRead MoreEssay about Women in The Workplace2071 Words   |  9 Pagesobstacles or barriers are all known as the glass ceiling. When speaking of the glass ceiling, a reference is being made to an invisible, artificial barrier that prevents qualified individuals from advancing within their organization and reaching full potential. The glass ceiling describes the point beyond when women managers and executives are not promoted. These barriers result from institutional and psychological practices. The glass ceiling exists and is evident in three differentRead MoreThe Glass Ceiling : A Human Capitalist Perspective1687 Words   |  7 PagesThe Glass Ceiling: A Human Capitalist Perspective The glass ceiling is an invisible barrier preventing women and minorities from advancing into upper management (Bell 67). Despite extensive legislation and the widespread implementation of equal opportunity policies, there is still widespread structural inequality and job segregation in organizations throughout the United States. The level of the `glass ceiling varies among organizations and is reflected in different employment patterns, hiringRead MoreWomen’s Income Inequality and The American Dream Essay1358 Words   |  6 Pages Income inequality is a big ongoing problem in the United States. It has a big effect on what America was all about, the American dream. The American dream that everyone is equal and has equal opportunities. Although a big part of what goes on in the Untied States that just doesn’t fit the American dream; women are unequal in the work place. They are put under what is known as the â€Å"Glass Ceiling†. Women do not get promoted in the work place and aren’t getting equal pay as men. This also leadsRead MoreFailure And Failure Of Failure1305 Words   |  6 Pagesand how to thoroughly attain it. Cardone explains the correlation he has witnessed in his experience between success rates and the amount of effort one puts forth. While this knowledge is key, opinions of peers play a role as well. Those around us effect the goals we set and how we manage to do so. The opinions of our peers are highly valued by many. This has a tendency to influence the choices we make. Chiao-Ling Huang attended Ling Tung University for her Bachelor degree in Machinery, so she is

The Health Risks of Human Cloning - 658 Words

There are many defects and health risks regarding to human cloning. Embryos will be at risk during this process because embryos will be tested on whether or not they are deformed and are going to discard it or save it for a later use. There are also times when there will be embryos that get lost during pregnancy. A small percentage has been taken off live offspring that great deals of clones have undergone numerous conditions such as heart failures, shorter life span, diabetes, physical abnormality, and a great deal of organ deficiencies. Modern technology for human cloning is not at its peak yet and is risky at this time because there will be great failure levels. Many people wonder what will happen if some abnormal clones are unable to function properly in society. The clone itself may have a mental breakdown and suffer many hardships in life with the way it has been created. Many health and risk issues will arise when dealing with something that can only be created naturally (Goga rty 84). Individuality is one of the keys to being yourself and having your own identity. If people were to be cloned, individuality would cease to exist because there would not be any creative and original people on this Earth. Cloning is not ethical because it will make many people believe that they are not unique or special anymore. The clones themselves would think this too and they will believe that they are just a replica of someone else, nothing more. If cloning humans wereShow MoreRelatedTaking a Look at Human Cloning1067 Words   |  4 Pageswords, cloning. It did not take a long time for scientists to understand that the same qualified organisms could be created by using and copying cells. After the first successful mammal cloning, Dolly the sheep in 1997, science world was proud, but not satisfied yet. Curiosity and enthusiasm manipulated scientists to reach the climax of the cloning history with an astonishing, but a risky discovery: the first successful stem cell cloni ng in 2013 which declares the possibility of human cloning. On oneRead MoreIs Human Cloning Legal? Essay1147 Words   |  5 PagesHuman cloning has not been legally used in humans because many people and experts are still discussing its effectiveness, worthiness and effect on humanity. Human cloning, also known as human genetic engineering, can be divided into two main types, which are therapeutic cloning, growing cloned tissue from individual, and reproductive cloning, genetically identical copy of an individual. Human cloning have drawn people’s attention because people are become more concerned about health problems andRead MoreThe Ethics Of Human Cloning918 Words   |  4 Pagesmodification for health or physical enhancement, and human cloning. The idea of human cloning is most interesting because it is most mysterious and very complex. The topic of human cloning inclusively brings up issues also raised in the mentioned technologies. Human cloning is of two types: therapeutic and reproductive. Therapeutic cloning aims to produce tissues or organs from cells of a cloned embryo, whereas reproductive cloning aims to further develop the cloned embryo into a human being (GlannonRead MoreTaking a Look at Cloning1043 Words   |  4 Pagessuspicion that cloning may or may not be connected with certain diseases that may be abnormal to mammals in a young stage in their life. After the successful cloning of Dolly, scientists have attempted to clone other mammals such as dogs, pigs, cows, and cats. Recent study has brought the discussion on whether or not our science is advanced enough to clone human beings. Although cloning human beings can lead to medical discoveries and breakthroughs, does it also increase the risks of health problems forRead MorePersuasive Essay On Cloning Humans793 Words   |  4 Pagespeople have the intuitive sense that there is something immoral and wrong about the cloning of humans. I believe tha t it is an inhumane violation of the natural order of nature to clone humans, and our society will not benefit if research on this topic is continued. Scientists should be focusing their research on more important issues, like curing cancer or mass purifying water in third world countries. By cloning human beings, we would be viewing children, and people in general, as objects that canRead MoreThe Use Of Genetics And Reproduction Essay1052 Words   |  5 Pagesongoing debate for years. Some argue that the use of genetics and reproduction sciences are unjust, unethical and inhumane. The other side of the debate argues that the use of such sciences is a â€Å"life saver†, that it will improve medical advancements, health, and society. Genetics and reproduction sciences are used for informing individuals about possible outcomes, abnormalities, and genes of current and future pregnancies. Genetic testing analyzes chromosomes, DNA, proteins, and genes to determine theRead More The Cloning Of The Sheep1749 Words   |  7 PagesDeGregorio Course: English III Date: 8 May 2015 Human Cloning Cloning of Dolly the Sheep was a first on many fronts. First, it represented the first mammal ever to be cloned from a somatic cell. It also sets a benchmark on which to evaluate other animal cloning experiments going forward. Secondly, her cloning was the start of controversy and panic in regards to animal cloning, as it raised the question of whether scientists would seek to clone humans too, and the ethics behind such a practice, shouldRead MoreHuman Cloning And Its Legality1347 Words   |  6 PagesHuman cloning is the creation of genetically identical or modified copy of a human. Human cloning is the reproduction of human cells and tissue. The possibility of human cloning has raised complications. These ethical concerns have provoked several nations to pass laws regarding human cloning and its legality. The common types of cloning is Gene cloning, reproductive cloning, and therapeutic cloning. Gene cloning is the process in which a gene is located and copied out of DNA extractedRead MoreThe Controversial Scientific Breakthroughs Has Been The Success Of Cloning1499 Words   |  6 Pagesthe success of cloning. Ever since the creation of â€Å"Dolly† the sheep at Roslin Institute, there has been increased debates on whether scientists should bump up a notch and try to clone a human. Biotechnology and science evolves day by day. New inventions and discoveries play an important part in order for a breakthrough in science. Scientists are eager to study and dig deeper into the mysteries of life, to them experimenting with cloning is a major step in fully understanding the human body and itsRead MoreEssay about Cloning - The Great Human Embryo Clone Hype1638 Words   |  7 PagesThe Great Human Embryo Clone Hype      Ã‚  Ã‚   Abstract: The cloning of human embryos has sparked a major debate worldwide. New cloning methods have surpassed the technology that could only duplicate specified genes or produce offspring from frozen mice and human embryos. Cloning has been used to free would-be sufferers from a particular disease carrying gene. Likewise, out of desire to assist infertile couples and overcome the drawbacks of using in-vitro fertilization, came the newest method of cloning

Marketing and Competitive Environment Analysis

Question: Discuss about theMarketing and Competitive Environment Analysis. Answer: Background Information Deakin University was established in 1974. Deakin was among the first universities to be established and offer distance learning in the region of Victoria. It has five branches distributed in the areas of Eastern suburbs, Geelong and Warrnambool regions. Deakin is among the fast growing university offering cloud courses and is ranked fifth in cloud education. Also, the university also has international offices in Indonesia, India, and China among other regions. Deakin has four faculties offering a range of courses to its many students of over fifty-three thousand population. More than twenty-four percent of this population learns in the cloud. The university is ranked as number eight in Australian universities (Philip, 2010). On the other hand, La Trobe University as a competitor to Deakin was established in 1967 in Victoria. It has many campuses distributed in Mildura, Shepparton, Sydney, Bendigo, Albury-Wodonga among many others (La Trobe University, 2015). The university is mostly seen by many to be strong in arts and humanities. The university has a population of about thirty-six thousand students, of which seven thousand are international students coming from over one hundred and ten different countries (Steve, 2010). Deakins Market and Segmentation Deakin University enjoys its market in Victoria Region. It has students enrolling for various courses from Geelong regions, Eastern suburb regions and many other parts in the Warrnambool regions. It receives many students coming from these areas to enroll for the various courses in the university. The University also has a big market from all over the world through its online programs. It has students coming from all over the world who are enrolling for various courses online. The university has been growing fast for the few years; this, therefore, shows that the demand for the courses has increased because the enrollments are coming from over 110 countries. Deakin University needs to enlarge its target market. There is, therefore, need to identify the target market and do market segmentation. The university still has a potential underexploited market, especially for the online programs. There is need to make further efforts to gain more market for the courses by the university. Given that most people who are working at various workplaces prefer online learning, there is the need for the school to target these people. This will significantly increase the market for the school (Blocker Flint, 2007). Current Marketing Mix Analyses The University employs various marketing mix in its operation. Firstly, on the product/ service, the university currently offers distance learning to students from all over the world. This has increased the market size of the school to a large extent. In addition to this, the university still offers full-time programs, school-based programs among others. The diversification in the various programs for the courses used as a marketing mix has helped the school to get more students. Deakin University also has employed promotion as a marketing mix. The university has promoted its programs and courses through media advertisement. The various media publication used include social media such as facebook, twitter among others. The University website has also played a critical role in promotion because it reaches everyone in the world. In addition to this, other advertisement media have been employed such as TVs and Radio, mail marketing and newspapers among others (Ivyn Jonathan, 2008). Promotion as a marketing mix has boosted the universitys market size to a large extent. Price has also been employed by the university as a marketing mix. Price is determined by various factors such as competition, service quality, course enrolled and the mode of learning, the branch enrolled to among other factors. These factors have helped the university to come up with various fair prices for the courses offered, where the customers do not feel exploited nor the university operate at a loss. A reasonable cost as a marketing mix has played a significant role in improving the enrollments to the University (Kotler Philip, 2012, p. 25). Distribution is also a marketing mix that the university has employed in its operation. This entails the school making sure that its services or courses reach the potential clients to the university. It has worked to ensure that it creates more of its campuses so that it reaches more people. The university has branches in various parts including Geelong region, Eastern suburb region and the Warrnambool area. It also has international offices. This has helped to reach many potential students thus growth. In addition to this, the university has also employed people as a marketing mix. It has employed lecturers with the right and relevant qualification to the courses they offer. This has help built the confidence in the market and therefore gets more market share. Moreover, process as a marketing mix halos helped the university to grow. The university has smoothened its process through technological integration. This also has significantly contributed to the university's market share increase (Sair, 2014). PEST Analyses PEST stands for Political, Economical, Social and Economic issues. Firstly, the Deakin University experiences matters arising from politics. These problems include government policy changes such as changes to public funding. The government can decide to give more incentives to the institution or even decide to withdraw incentive offer. A tax rate change has also affected the university because the government tends to increase or reduce tax levied on various aspects of the school. In some cases, the general public pressure also affects the school. On the other hand, there also exists some economic factors that affect the university (Shimizu Koichi, 2016). These include changes in the economic climate which affect the sustainable investments of the University, legislation changes, availability of funding and the energy cost changes. Social factors also affect Deakin University in many ways. These include cultural trends, stakeholder's expectations who expect too much for the university to do corporate social responsibilities. The media is also another factor that has affected the school. Also, impacts of climate change have also affected the school in many ways. Lastly, effects of technology have also had an impact on the school. These technological effects have mostly arisen from costs, advances in technology, implementation and adoption of new technology among other factors (Kotler et al., 2009). Competitor Aanalyses La Trobe University is one of the Deakins University competitors. La Trobe has many branches in Australia, but Melbourne branch stands to be its flagship campus. La Trobe University enjoys a lot of student admission ranging from the regional city of Bendigo to the twin border city of Albury-Wodonga (La Trobe University, 2014). The university also offers online programs, but the online student population is smaller. It was ranked third in the Victoria state and the twelve in the entire Australia. La Trobe is, therefore, a competitor to the Deakin University. SWOT Analyses SWOT stands for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Deakin University has its strengths. This includes its positive reputation from the outside community, its main branch and other campuses location, successful partnership with other universities, good past performance whereby the school has managed to have its courses accredited and also had successful graduations. The university also has good student support in many ways. On the other hand, the university also has its weaknesses. These shortcomings include its operational structure which has bureaucracy, limited resources to other faculties, fiscal uncertainty, not enough undergraduate programs among others (Ommani, 2011). The university also has some opportunities on its side. These include chances of more partnership with external community and other universities, student diversity, the potential for growth, new construction, societal trends such as increase demand for graduates among others. On the other hand, the university also experiences the threats from outside (Kotler, 2014). These include competition from other universities such as La Trobe University. Also there is reduced public funding which has a potential to affect the university. Value and Brand Positioning Analyses In the process of value and brand positioning, Deakin University needs to establish how the public perceives the university services and compare them with the needs of the target market. In brand positioning, the university needs to design and implement marketing programs and actions to build and manage brand equity. It should also consider value proposition by ensuring that students and the public derive satisfaction from its services and the courses offered (Arens et al., 2012). The university also needs to conduct customer based brand equity through awareness, uniqueness and other factors of brand associations. This will greatly impact on the value and brand positioning of Deakin University. Conclusion In conclusion, it is important for Deakin University to understand its marketing and competitive environment. The university should, therefore, understand the current marketing techniques employed and come up with strategies on how to improve on them to increase student enrolments and the general value and brand position. Also, the university should understand its environment of operation through SWOT and PEST analysis. The university should also understand its competitors and its operation such La Trobe University. This will help it gain competitive advantage and also increase its market share. References Arens, William, and Michael Weigold. (2012)Contemporary Advertising: And Integrated Marketing Communications Blocker, C. P., and Flint, D. J., (2007) "Customer Segments as Moving Targets: Integrating Customer Value Dynamism into Segment Instability Logic," Industrial Market Management, vol. 36. Ivy, Jonathan (2008) A new higher education marketing mix: The 7 Ps for MBA Marketing, International Journal of Educational Management, 22(4) pp 288-299 Kotler, Keller, and Burton (2009). Marketing Management, Pearson Education Australia: Frenchs Forest Kotler, Philip (2012). Marketing Management. Pearson Education, p.25 Kotler.P, Amstrong G.(2014). Principles of Marketing Pearson Education Limited 2014 La Trobe University, La Trobe in top three for Research, La Trobe University, (2015) https://www.latrobe.edu.au/news/articles/2015/release/la-trobe-third-in-victoria-in-era-survey, accessed 08 April 2017. La Trobe University, 'La Trobe MBA rankings,' La Trobe University, (2014), www.latrobe.edu.au/ accessed 08 April 2017. Ommani, Ahmad (2011).SWOT analysis for business management Philip G. Altbach (2010). "The State of the Rankings." Inside Higher Ed. Retrieved 07 April 2017. The major international rankings have appeared in recent months the Academic Ranking of World Universities, the QS World University Rankings, and the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE) Sair, S.A (2014)."Consumer Psyche and Positioning Strategies".Pakistan Journal of Commerce Social Sciences Shimizu, Koichi (2016) "Co-marketing (Symbiotic Marketing) Strategist,"(Japanese) 5th edition, Souseisha Book Company Steve Smith (2010). "Pride before the fall?". Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Death Penalty debate Essay Example For Students

Death Penalty debate Essay Should the death penalty be nationwide?Thirty-eight states have the death penalty. There are 7-10 types of homicides that arepunishable by death.. No one under 18 can be given the death penalty. Lethal injection is themost common form of execution. It is used in 32 states. Other forms of execution includeelectrocution, firing squad, gas chamber, and hanging. Three-thousand-five-hundred people arecurrently on death row awaiting execution. The death penalty should be eliminated completely. It is not fair to kill potentiallyinnocent people because they had a poor or inexperienced lawyer. The death penalty is toexpensive and it does not deter crime. It is these three main reasons that I feel the deathIt is unfair to kill those who had a bad lawyer. Many of the people facing the deathsentence cannot afford a good lawyer therefore one is appointed to them. Often times theselawyers are young and inexperienced. Because of this people are being put to death because ofthe mistakes their lawyer s made. Poor people get poor representation. Thy are represented byoverworked public defenders and private lawyers whore arent getting paid. Thats not equaljustice. said a Louisiana lawyer. We cannot sentence people to death because of the mistakesThe death penalty is way too expensive. The government spends over $2 million dollarsper execution on extra costs that are only there because of the death penalty. This goes beyondthe costs of a typical murder case without the death penalty and costs of incarceration resultingfrom a life sentence. The trial alone is 3.5 times more expensive than if the death penalty hadnot been sought. And the cost is doubled to execute someone rather than keep him/her in prisonfor 40 years. The death penalty is not cost effective. On top of the cost of the death penalty, research shows that the death penalty does notdeter crime. In two neighboring states one with the death penalty and one with out, the statewithout the death penalty had less crime. In a survey of police chiefs across the country,expanding the death penalty was the least effective way to deter crime. Many of the people ondeath row were faced with death every day of their life, therefore the threat of getting the deathpenalty has no effect on them. Statistics show that the best way to deter crime is swift and sureaction. The death penalty is anything but swift or sure. However, there is evidence in the bible that justifies the death penalty. Whoever shedsmans blood, by man shall his blood be shed. (Genesis 9:6) But who is to judge whether or notsomeone should die? May the lord be our judge. (1 Samuel 24:15) May the lord avenge the(1samuel 24:12) The Bible also says an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. But every onealso knows that two wrong s dont make a right. It is very simple, sentencing someone to thedeath penalty is the same as killing them and killing is wrong. There is no good reason to keep the death penalty because it has no effect on thedeterrence of crime. We need to stop wasting money on the death penalty and invest thatmoney in crime prevention methods such as reducing drug abuse, bettering the economy andproviding more job opportunities, simplifying court rule and give longer prison sentences, puttingmore police officers on the streets, and reducing guns on the streets. Without first taking theseproper advances in crime prevention the death penalty is a waste of time and moneyBibliography:CQ researcher death penalty debatedeathpenalty information center

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Theater Experience Essays - Startup Cult, Nelle A. Coley

Theater Experience Ok, so the only reason I joined theater class was because I needed an easy A. A blow-off class of some sort, to balance out the rest of my schedule. I got much more than that. I am taking with me a sense of self-worth, and confidence. I acquired the ability to think on my feet, and the motivation to get up and do something when faced with a new situation, not just giggle and turn red. The biggest thing, I think, is the ability to just talk to people and not be worried about what they think. After all, I can't be embarrassed after I think about some of the stuff that I did this year in front of the class. I found that I can go ahead and talk to someone I don't know, instead of just standing there, awkwardly. After spending five weeks on improvisation during the first semester, I can think on my feet. It also gives me something to do when the telemarketers call. I can think of something to say when I'm talking to one of dad's clients. And of course, if someone gets into a situation that they can't quite explain, I can whip up a story in no time flat, (not that I would ever get into trouble or anything). After taking the class, I never have my back to someone when I'm talking. I can project, (sort of). I know what Snagglepus is talking about when he says "Exit, stage right!" Stage fright is no longer a big thing for me. I can play a crazy role very well. I can talk in British and Russian accents, (..."Daahlink, ve must get moose and skverrl!"). I can pick out bad actors/actresses in movies and shows. I have a deep respect for the theater arts. I am not much of an actress, but I love being backstage, all stressed out, trying to iron out all the last minute wrinkles before the show. Being in theater class introduced me to Theatre Club, which gave me a chance to be a part of this year's production. I was glad to do everything from pinning up costumes, to reprogramming the light board for the fifty-eighth time, to just being the gopher, or listening to a nervous actress go over her dramatic solo one last time. It's just knowing that I am part of the whole thing, working with so many people for so long, then watching it all come together. Backstage craft wasn't a big part of the class, but the relationship/every-one-is-a-link-universal-truth part of it was an undertone lesson throughout the whole class. When we had to work with people that we had known all our lives, but had never talked to before, and create something; that was cool. Through theater class, I got introduced to the lighting and sound room, which I love. I guess it's a power trip, or something, but I just feel good knowing that I am the first female student to ever run the school's light board. I like being in charge, and being able to lock the door, and not let anyone in. Next year, I will have to train a sophomore to take over my job, before I graduate, which seems pretty scary, and puts my remaining high school timeframe in perspective. I have tried to outline some of random thoughts about the past year's third hour class. It wasn't the blow-off class I was expecting, and it helped me get through a few of my other classes. In college, I may pursue the backstage positions, but honestly, I don't think that theater will be a major part in my life as I go riding off into the sunset, but I've enjoyed it all the same.